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Kitchen Scramble Recipes

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Kitchen Scramble recipes vary from dish to dish and knowing them in advance will only serve to enhance your in-game experience. The recipes below are for use all stages of Kitchen Scramble.

If you are stuck and are looking for a particular recipe to help you progress in the game, then feel free to check below for the answer. If you are unable to find the Kitchen Scramble recipes you are looking for then please do get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

The first thing to to do when it comes to recipes in Kitchen Scramble is to remember your clientèle. In most cases you will have regular customers who will also tend to order the same dishes.  For example, if it is morning then knowing egg scramble recipes and other breakfast scramble recipes will be advantageous.

Likewise if you have regular vegetarian customers then a knowledge of tofu scramble recipes and veggie scramble recipes is a good start.

Learning Kitchen Scramble recipes is not a form of Kitchen Scramble cheats, its just meticulous preparation for the best performances when it comes to playing our favourite cooking game! If you are also a fan and would like to learn the recipes you will need to give yourself the edge in the Kitchen Scramble game, then check out our list below!


Kitchen Scramble Recipes

  • Fried Egg  >>>  Egg to Skillet
  • Bacon  >>>  Bacon to Skillet
  • Fried Egg Sandwich  >>>  Egg into Skillet then onto Work Board + Bread + Lettuce
  • Southwestern Omelette >>> Egg + Onion + Tomato into Mixer then to Skillet
  • Baked Potato >>> Potato to Oven
  • Onion Rings >>> Put the Onion onto the Wooden Board then into Mixing Bowl + Egg + Flour then onto Skillet
  • House Salad >>> Lettuce and Tomato onto Wooden Board
  • Hamburger >>> Put the Hamburger Disk onto the Skillet then onto the Work Board with Lettuce and Bread
  • Tomato Soup >>> Put the tomato and onion into the pot
  • Meat Loaf >>> Onion to Wooden Board then meat + egg + chopped onion to bowl then to oven 
  • Bacon Burger  >>> Bacon onto the skittle, then put meat onto the skittle, then both cooked bacon and meat as well as bread onto the work board.
  • Home Fries >>> Put the Potato onto the Wooden Board then place the Chopped Potatoes onto the Skillet.

Knowing the Kitchen Scramble recipes above will help you when playing in the game. You’ll be able to serve faster and be more efficient in the kitchen and therefore get through stages easier.

Other things to consider include upgrading your kitchen equipment and moving quickly by having as many components of the recipe on the go at the same time. We hope the recipes above will be of help when it comes to playing any future Kitchen Scramble game.

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