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Top 3 Games Like Kitchen Scramble

Top 3 Games Like Kitchen Scramble

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Kitchen Scramble Level 39 Tips

There are many games like Kitchen Scramble but not all of them are great. Here are the top 5 games similar to kitchen scramble as rated by our community of players for games like this.

The Kitchen scramble franchise was an instant hit, and any new additions to the list of games is always well received. Kitchen Scramble’s popularity means that many copy-cat titles began to spring up in a bid to replicate its success.

However, the Kitchen Scramble Community continues to grow thanks in part to a well made and much loved game. Games like this are popular because they appeal to what we do in the real world.

But while many cooking games tried to emulate the complex mix of fun, difficulty, and game mechanics that Rock You , the makers of Kitchen Scramble games, have succeed in doing. Few come close to these features, but here are the top 5 games like Kitchen Scramble, in no particular order:

3 Games Like Kitchen Scramble:

  1. Kitchen Shenanigans

games like kitchen scramble: Kitchen Shenanigans

Kitchen shenanigans is best described as the ninja game of scramble in which ninja are making their dishes for good. TheKitchen Scramble community has taken to this game like fish to water.

Be warned though, Kitchen Shenanigans is one of those games like Kitchen Scramble for PC that is way trickier than it looks!

Play Kitchen Shenanigans Now


2.  Kitchen King

Kitchen King is the competition in which you and your opponent are fighting for different kinds of foods in a bid to become the undisputed King of the Kitchen. In addition to playing here on, you can also find games like Kitchen scramble on Facebook.

games like Kitchen scramble- kitchen-king

Kitchen King takes the excitement of Kitchen scramble and turns it competitive for extra tension. Hopefully this will soon be one of the games like kitchen scramble on iPad.

Play Kitchen King Here



3. Happy Kitchen

Happy king makes our list of kitchen scramble game online that are similar to that game.In Happy Kitchen, players have to follow what may seem to be the strange game tradition of giving give birthday surprise to your fellow students who are in your class.

Happy Kitchen

Other notable games include Kitchen Scramble Disney, which is also much loved by the Kitchen scramble community. You can play Happy Kitchen on our site here:

Play Happy Kitchen

We hope our Kitchen Scramble community like our list of top 3 games like kitchen scramble. Leave us a message in the comments section below if you have any other suggestion for games similar to Kitchen Scramble.

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Top 3 Games Like Kitchen Scramble