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Papa’s Freezeria

Papa’s Freezeria

Game Name: Papa’s Freezeria

Game Description:

Papa’s Freezeria is a game in which you manage and run your ice cream parlor. Players have to make all their frosty orders in time to please their paying customers and progress in the game. Papa’s freezeria is totally free to play and requires no registration so get ready to serve the best ice cream treats around.


To start the game just Scroll Down to the Bottom of the Page and click ‘Play Now’

papas freezeria game

When you start off in Papa’s Freezeria, you begin on the island of Calypso where you have just got this amazing job for the summer. You will have to use counting and time management to keep your customers happy and earn good tips. Papa’s Freezeria is quite addictive as it is fun to play and yet is also a challenging game.

You will be based on the beachfront where you can sell to the passing trade as well as the throngs of visiting cruise-ship tourists. Papa’s freezeria cool math games top games so you can be assured of some good learning fun too.

This game is one of the most popular cooking games and with good reason. If you’re a fan of cooking games or Papa’s games then be sure to give it a try! Just imagine spending a summer or gap year living and working on the beach.

As if that wasn’t enough, your job is to make and sell ice cream! Then think of the tips. All this combined with the pressure of serving guests, the fun and achievement, combine to make this a great game.

Papa’s Freezeria Details:

  • Serve up  the best frozen treats on the beach
  • Very funny and challenging cooking game
  • One of the most popular games out there
  • Papa’s freezeria download and app also available
  • Hooda math top game
  •  First, you have to take the customer’s order
  • After that you have to make the ice cream and sprinkle on the right toppings
  • Serve the ice-cream to the customer, if they are happy,  you get a big tip!
  • The game gets more difficult when there are more customers to serve at the same time
  • Always watch out for the food critic!

Do you like the Papa’s freezeria game? Share your thoughts with other fans of the game in the comments section below. And if you really love it, don’t forget to share with your friends and followers on social media. Thank you, see you at the beach for some ice-cream!


Papa’s Freezeria

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