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Papa’s Donuteria

Papa’s Donuteria

Game Name: Papa’s Donuteria

Game Description:

Play Papa’s Donuteria and stake your claim as the town’s best Donuts maker in this crazy fun game. In Papa’s Donuteria you start off as a new employee who has just got the job at the Doughnut-makers’s shop. The job offers good pay and other benefits and so others will be eyeing up your new post. You cannot slip up as you work on one of the busiest lines in the shop. Keep your wits about you!

To start the game just Scroll Down to the Bottom of the Page and click ‘Play Now’ then scroll back up to start playing. Enjoy!

Play Papa’s Donuteria Online

Play Papa’s Donuteria Online

Good news for fans of cooking games as this sweet new game hits the arcade. By playing this game online you will help to satisfy this crazy towns love for donuts! To keep your customers happy and keep your job you will have to make dozens of donuts everyday. The treat is one of your towns favorite snack, and so you’re bound to always have plenty of customers to keep you busy.

So play Papa’s Donuteria online today and show of your Donut making credentials.

 How to Play Papa’s Donuteria

When you are playing Papa’s Donuteria first you need to cut out the donut shapes ready for cooking. Next, place your cut-out donuts in the fryer to cook them until they are crispy and golden brown. But you’re not done yet, as the best bit is yet to come. Now you will have to decorate them with icing and a variety of bright and colourful toppings to finish them off.

Once you show off your donut-making prowess, climb up the leaderboard. As you improve your skills in the kitchen, your ranking will go up too. This game is for lovers of cooking games such as Kitchen scramble. And just like you can now play Papa’s Donuteria online, you can also enjoy a variety of other cooking and adventure games at

Game Category: Cooking Games, Popular Games

Papa’s Donuteria

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