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Adventure Time Candy Scramble

Adventure Time Candy Scramble

Game Name: Adventure Time Candy Scramble

Game Description:

Play Adventure Time Candy Scramble for free right now at Kitchen Scramble Online. In this Candy Scramble game based on the Adventure time television series featuring Finn and Jake, Princess Bubblegum has organised another annual Royal Tourna-Mint!

Game Description: Adventure Time Candy Scramble

Adventure Time Candy Scramble game

Adventure Time Candy Scramble game

In Adventure Time Candy Scramble, players have to help Finn and Jake to lead their team of gumdrop candy to victory. Competing in events such as the Peppermint Ball, players have to beat the crazy and totally insane challenges found in the game to be the best.

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This Finn and Jake candy scramble game is popular because it is a packed with lots of rowdy fun and feature the two favourite heroes of fans who watch Adventure Time on Cartoon Network and other channels.

With the crazy challenges in Candy Scramble, this game makes aure players will have to work hard to win but the rewards will definitely sweet! The Adventure Time Candy Scramble game is similar to football in that the objective is to score more goals than your opponent.  It is up to players if they want to use an offensive or a more defensive approach in the game.

Players who do well in Candy Scramble will earn coins which they can use to by equipment or pay for the teams training. There are two types of gaming modes in Adventure Time Candy Scramble, – career mode, and single match mode.

If you are playing Candy Scramble in career mode, each match will last only 90 seconds. However, the single match mode in this Adventure time game gives players the choice to have matches that last for 3, 5, or 10 minutes. Adventure Time Candy Scramble also lets players play for up to 30 minutes if they are playing the game in single match mode.

For fans of the game, there are many incentives to keep you motivated.  Coins and badges are the rewards most players aim for and can be used in exchange for training and upgrades.

Adventure Time Candy Scramble rewards players for winning matches without conceding a goal, winning a match by scoring running goals only, and the biggest one of them all, – winning the championship!

We hope you like this game of Adventure Time Candy Scramble

Adventure Time Candy Scramble

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