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Kitchen Scramble Level 39 Tips

Kitchen Scramble Level 39 Tips

Game Name: Kitchen Scramble Level 39 Tips

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Kitchen Scramble Level 39 Tips

If you are stuck on level 39 of Kitchen Scramble here are some tips and tricks that will help you get to level 40! Lots of people like playing the Kitchen Scramble game and not being able to get to the next level can be very frustrating. See below for Kitchen Scramble Level 39 Tips as well as a walkthrough video if you prefer to watch:

Being the first level of Mozzaroma, level 40 of Kitchen Scramble is difficult to complete, and level 39 is no easier. The kitchen equipment you start off with may be a bit outdated and slow, while some of the recipes may be new to you.

Kitchen Scramble Level 39 Tips:

To get through level 39 on Kitchen Scramble, here are some tips you can use:

1. Learn your recipes: It is important to learn your recipes as it allows you to work faster and keep moody customers, such as that silly racing car driver, happy.

2. Always use the best ingredients where you can, premium Ingredients will help you get the best possible score available.

3. If you are comfortable with it, try to prepare dishes early. This takes some skill as some meals require similar ingrediants, so be careful!

4. An important recommendation is to make sure you have the best kitchen equipment possible. Better equipment means better efficiency, and happy customers.

Kitchen Scramble Level 39 Tips and tricks

Kitchen Scramble Level 39 Tips and tricks

5. This point is part and parcel of the two above. Work faster! The key to getting the best score is a fast and efficient service that keeps your customers happy. Work fast but carefully for better success.

6. If you need more steam all you have to do is collect more tokens to unlock the next stage. You can collect tokens by reaching higher star rank on the levels. (1 star rank = 1 token, if you replay and get a 2 star rank, you’ll receive another token).

These are just a few tips that should improve your progress in most levels of Kitchen Scramble, not just level 39. Many people struggle with this level and level 40, that is why we created a Kitchen Scramble Level 39 Tips page for our fellow gamers!

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial you can do so in the kitchen scramble walkthrough video below. It will help guide you through tackling level 39.

Kitchen Scramble Level 39 Tips

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