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Letter Scramble

Letter Scramble

Game Name: Letter Scramble

Game Description:

Letter Scramble is yet another fun, but challenging mini letter scramble game. Featuring a very simple look, Letter Scramble will definitely put your typing abilities to the test.

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letter scramble game

Inside this word scramble game, you have five minutes to type in as many words as you can. But only by using the letters found on the board in Letter Scramble.

At first, this code scramble game might seem like an easy task. However, as those letters keep on appearing, you’ll find it more and more difficult to type in new words.

Of course, each valid word you type in will count as a certain number of points, which is encouraging. Therefore, considering the fact that longer words will earn you a lot more points than shorter ones. – For instance, the word tea will earn you 3 points, while the word kitchen will earn you 17 points.

It’s not the fairest of word scramble systems, but it will surely challenge you!

How Letter Scramble Works

For completing the first level of Letter Scramble, all you need is 100 points, which will seem to be the easiest part – and it is. A Letter scramble 2 game is also now available. After passing it, you’ll have a larger amount of points to get to in order to complete the given level – level 2 requires 130 points, for example.

If all goes well, you might end up on the letter scramble game high score board!

letterscramble2We do need to remind you that only valid words count, and to be honest is not that difficult, since a five letter word will earn you about 20 points! Consequently, Letter scramble 2 awaits those who manage to finish this word scramble game.

Hope you will have fun, and since this game has many advantages, like allowing you to improve your typing speed while testing your vocabulary, we recommend you to play this incredibly stylish game at Kitchen Scramble Online!

Make sure you have a good time, and don’t forget to give your word scramble feedback in the comment. We always appreciate feedback from our community of gamers. Every litlle bit of advice, tips and so on helps.

This game is very easy. You have to find the words and enter those words in the bar below. Letter scramble 2 game is similar but more advanced. This letter scramble game has many advantages such as improving your typing speed. It is also a test of your intelligence level.

So just play the game at Kitchen Scramble Online and have good time. Don’t forget to give your feedback in the comment.

Letter Scramble

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